Getting Started

Step 1

For any licenses other than Forklift and Heavy Equipment you must hold a full G Ontario license. If you are switching your license from another province or country, visit the MTO’s site for further directions:

Exchange an out-of-province driver’s licence

Step 2

Obtain a medical form. You can pick one up from our school or from any MTO drive-test location. Or you can simply download and print it here:

Medical Report

Step 3

Have the form filled out by a licensed physician. (Average costs are between $50-$100) if you need a qualified doctor, feel free to call us, we can recommend a few.

Step 4

Study for the appropriate written test:
To obtain your temporary driver’s licence you must complete a written test to obtain your Learner’s Permit for the license of your choice. The Ministry will charge $23.25 dollars for the written test and $96.75 for your first road test.
** Training Manuals to help you study for the written test are available for sale at the Ministry of Transportation as well as at Toronto Truck Driving School.

Practice Tests/ Helpful Books:

Ontario Truck Driver Licence Practice Test – Class A & D
The Official MTO Truck Handbook

Ontario Bus Driver Licence Practice Test- Class B
The Official MTO Bus Handbook

Ontario M1 Motorcycle Driving Test – M1 Practice Test

The Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook

Step 5

Once you have obtained your Learner’s Permit, we can put you on the vehicle of your choice. Click on our ‘Programs’ Link to choose a training option.

We will start scheduling your training to build the skills you will need to pass the MTO’s road test and get your operator’s license.

Step 6

You have geared up through the first five stages. The final part is successfully completing your driving test at the Ministry of Transportation.

Toronto Truck Driving School will assist you in scheduling a convenient time, and ensure your test vehicle is gassed up and ready to go at test time. Once you pass, and get your license your ready to head out on the open road!

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