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School Bus Driver (Full Program)

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A career as a school bus driver is a fulfilling employment opportunity. If you have an interest in working with children and youth, this may be the right job for you.

In order to excel as a school bus driver you will need to be compassionate, patient with a keen sense of awareness. You will be responsible for the safety of every passenger riding the bus, which can include up to 72 passengers in a large commercial vehicle. To be prepared you will have to undertake a combination of classroom and on-road training. Each student must demonstrate adequate knowledge of policies, vehicle equipment and traffic laws in addition to demonstrating impeccable driving skills to be become fully licensed.

What can I drive with this Licence?

Operators with this license may drive any school purpose vehicle designed with seating capacity for more than 24 passengers, and vehicles which require C, D, F, and G licenses.

What Does this Course Cover?

  1. HTA and O’Reg Specific to school buses
  2. Operator and driver responsibilities under the legislation
  3. Proper Vehicle Inspections as required under the legislation
  4. Hours of Service Regulations
  5. Defensive Driving
  6. Vehicle Dynamics
  7. Vehicle Braking systems
  8. Vehicle and Safety Adjustments
  9. Passenger Procedures
  10. Safety Requirements
  11. Emergency Procedures

How long is the course and what does it cost?

Our course is 2.5 weeks in length consisting of 55 hours of training at a cost of $1975.00. There is an additional $25.00 for course material.

What will I graduate with?

  • School Bus Driver Program Certificate
  • Class B License from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  • Air Brake Endorsement recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  • Profession Driver Improvement Course Certification

What do I need before I can begin?

  • Valid Ontario Class ‘G’ License or higher.
  • Knowledge verification of Rules of the Road and Signs. Handbook and materials provided to help in passing the knowledge tests.
  • MTO approved Medical Form completed.
  • Have not been convicted or found guilty within the preceding five years of two or more offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, committed on different dates by means of a motor vehicle, or while driving or having care and control of a motor vehicle.

How do I register for this course?

Upon registration students will receive a confirmation email confirming enrolment and username and password to access our online portal to manage your schedule and payment.

Can I get a job after I complete this program?

Public Transit and School Bus Drivers are an integral part of every community. Getting people where they need to go on time, and safely is an important and critical job with many opportunities within many major cities and companies. Below are a few places you might consider when beginning your search on this new career path:

Transit Operator (Drivers) Recruitment
GO Transit
Temporary Transit Operator Recruitment Process

And many more!

Is financial assistance available for this course?

There are several financing options that might be available to you.
Please visit our Financial Help for more info.

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